Thank you for visiting our site.  What I choose to write about will tend to jump the gamut in subjects: all of which are expressions of my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Agree with or not, identify with or not, share in and perhaps be sensate to or not, those choices are yours.  I love the seemingly infinite world of words: putting them together, playing with them, coining new wordage, and creating mindful and verbal images that we hope you will enjoy, appreciate, and return to as I share my writing with you through Portal-ed Voices.  

I was born in Hong Kong, though I was brought up much of my life – and gratefully so – in America. I was, am, wonderfully fortunate to have been brought up within a family dynamics of love, friendship, trust, open-mindedness, and understanding. We learned, we knew, people are different, differences exist, and everyone deserves the equalities of freedom, acceptance, justice, and unbiased reciprocity.

My writing is stylized: pliably so according to what I am writing about.  I was the primary speech writer & occasionally re-writer for a U.S. Ambassador to The Netherlands. I wrote & had articles published, as a volunteer, for a site dedicated to the protection & survival of our wildlife. I have done original content writing as well as rewriting for a variety of sites. These are a sampling among varied relatively extensive areas in writing.

Creating this site, with the help and guidance of a truly good friend, is something new and rather adventurous for me.  I hope and look forward to your venturing with us.

P.S. We welcome your comments. And, I am available as a freelance writer.

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